Grigsby, Bryan, PG


Mr. Grigsby has over 25 years of experience as a hydrogeologist and project manager specializing in the design and management of complex investigations involving drilling, monitoring, aquifer testing, and data collection to support groundwater studies.  Mr. Grigsby has directed geologic, hydrogeologic, and geochemical evaluations over a broad range of environments, from alluvial settings to fractured bedrock regimes.  He has been involved with all stages of site assessment, monitoring, and remediation for Federal- and State-lead projects.  Mr. Grigsby has been involved in several projects assessing impacts of oil and natural gas development on groundwater resources in the western U. S. and in Appalachia.  He has presented findings for several of these projects at public meetings and regulatory hearings.  His background is in structural geology and he previously worked in the uranium mining and oil and gas industries.  Mr. Grigsby is Senior Manager of the Boulder, Colorado, office.