Associated Experts

Doherty, John, PhD

Associated Staff

Dr. Doherty is the Director of Watermark Numerical Computing Pty, Ltd. and a Professor at the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training at Flinders University, Australia.

Huber, William

Associated Staff

Dr. Huber provides rigorous, defensible assessments of data, advice to optimize data collection and decisions, analyses of spatial data, and evaluations of conceptual and numerical models applied to data about the environment, occupational health, and risk.  His consulting practice since 1988 has focused on statistical analysis, data interpretation, litigation support, mathematical modeling, risk analysis, and geographic information systems (GIS).  He has also brought this expertise to bear as a peer reviewer for state and national regulatory agencies on groundwater monitoring tests, disinfectant byproducts, and site prioritization; as a teacher, offering courses in statistics, environmental statistics, spatial statistics, exploratory data analysis, GIS, RCRA groundwater monitoring tests, and statistics in environmental regulations; and in research in risk assessment, groundwater data visualization, market analysis, energy infrastructure, broadband availability, and spatial accessibility to healthcare.  He has been collaborating with S.S. Papadopulos & Associates since 1998.