ESI - Electronically Stored Information

SSP&A routinely collects and manages data from a variety of electronic and hardcopy sources; scanning, extracting, reformatting information, and assembling viable work-products for analysis via indexing, restructuring, and database construction. Data sources have included SQL Server, Oracle, and a variety of outdated legacy format databases, spreadsheets, reports, graphs, charts, imagery, and emails. SSP&A staff are fully versed in the conversion, indexing and analysis capabilities of Adobe Acrobat software, and commonly work with the output from a variety of litigation discovery management tools.  

The Services we offer for ESI include:

  • Collaborate on eDiscovery / Managed Email / Data Review
  • Environmental Database Management and Analysis
  • Litigation Support
  • Reference Material Search and Retrieval
  • Cataloging
  • Indexing
  • OCR / Text Recognition
  • Bates Stamping