SSP&A's reputation for technical excellence is due to the nature and experience of our people. The individual experience of our key personnel ranges from 10 to 40 years of working on groundwater, environmental, and remediation investigations.

Our key personnel

  • Have individually been honored with numerous awards and recognition for technical achievements and service in their representative scientific communities;
  • are sought to serve on nationally- and internationally-recognized committees to evaluate and address groundwater and water-resource issues;
  • have authored textbooks on contaminant transport modeling
  • are at the cutting-edge of groundwater and surface-water modeling and software development;
  • participate in high-visibility groundwater and water-resource projects throughout the United States and abroad.

SSP&A has proactively recruited a highly qualified, nationally recognized staff of specialists who bring a combination of state-of-the-art knowledge and multi-year experience.

The principals of the firm are Stavros S. Papadopulos, Steven Larson, Charles B. Andrews, Remy J.-C. Hennet, Matthew J. TonkinHarvey A. CohenMichael T. Rafferty, and Gilbert Barth.

Other Key Personnel include Alex Spiliotopoulos, Christopher J. Neville, and Bryan Grigsby. More information and full resumes for each of these staff can be accessed on the key personnel page.