PATH3D V4.6 is a powerful and widely used particle-tracking program for MODFLOW.

A Groundwater and Travel-Time Simulator

PATH3D can be applied to help visualize three-dimensional flow fields, to delineate contaminant capture zones or wellhead protection zones, and to evaluate the effectiveness of groundwater remedial scenarios under complex hydrogeological conditions. PATH3D is a valuable extension to a groundwater flow model, and is frequently a practical alternative to a contaminant transport model.

Please Note: Path3D has been deprecated and is no longer actively maintained by SSP&A.  Users running Path3D on newer versions of Windows may experience user interface related problems. Current and future development of this software functionality has migrated to mod-PATH3DU which incorporates the capabilities of MODPATH, Path3D, and additional capabilities beyond those of these programs.

Key Features

  • Full compatibility with MODFLOW88 and MODFLOW96
    PATH3D is designed to function directly with earlier versions of MODFLOW, the industry-standard groundwater flow code.
    ( PATH3D does not currently support MODFLOW2000 )
  • Accurate and efficient tracking procedure
    Automatic tracking stepsize control procedure that achieves user-specified error criteria with minimum computational effort.
  • Improved handling of weak sinks and distorted grids
    Algorithms for the effective handling of weak sinks/sources and distorted model grids.
  • Postprocessing programs
    Includes a complete set of post-processing programs for plotting pathlines, front positions and capture zones using Golden Software's Surfer.
  • Dynamic memory allocation
    PC version is compiled with dynamic memory allocation to efficiently reserve only the necessary computer memory.
  • Distributed with source code
    Comes with source codes written in standard Fortran 90.

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