Lone Pine Landfill - Freehold, New Jersey

New Jersey

A remedial investigation and feasibility study was performed for the off-site area surrounding the Lone Pine Landfill. During the remedial investigation, field investigations were performed, and the data were analyzed to describe the hydrogeologic and chemical systems. Assessments of the extent and magnitude of existing contamination in the off-site area and of the potential for migration of this contamination in the ground and surface-water systems outside the landfill were conducted. In the feasibility study, potential remedial alternatives for the off-site area were evaluated in detail. A three-dimensional groundwater flow model was used to predict the effects of the various potential remedial actions on the hydrogeologic system.

Remedial alternatives that were considered and modeled included a slurry wall with french drain and impermeable cap, combined with various arrays of injection and extraction wells and interceptor trenches. A particle-tracking method was used in conjunction with the flow model to describe the direction and rates of groundwater flow associated with each simulation. A mixed linear-reservoir model was used to estimate the time required to achieve remedial goals for site clean-up. In addition, a study of the nature and volume of fluids at the site was completed to aid in the design of a leachate treatment system. SSP&A prepared all the documents required as part of the RI/FS process and participated in negotiations with the regulatory agencies for selection of the final remedy.

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