Hyde Park Landfill Groundwater Model

Niagara Falls, NY

At this site where 20,000 tons of chlorinated DNAPLs were disposed, SSP&A reviewed regional and site data to develop a model of groundwater flow in the fractured rock of the Lockport Group. SSP&A constructed, calibrated, and applied the model to the Occidental Chemical Corporation Hyde Park Landfill site. SSP&A’s role evolved to include all aspects of data collection work plans and data review. SSP&A’s approach was to use an equivalent porous medium (EPM) approach using MODFLOW to simulate groundwater flow. SSP&A modified an existing USGS regional model by refining the discretization in the vicinity of the site and incorporating detailed site information. The model was then applied to delineate the capture zones of the current bedrock purge well system at the site. The initial and terminal positions of all particles were recorded to determine the migration of contaminated water below the site. The model has since been used to evaluate alternative purge well configurations and pumping rates. SSP&A was responsible for developing the conceptual design for a purge well system that can achieve containment at the site. New wells have been installed and tested at the site, and SSP&A is currently evaluating the performance of the new wells.