Soderberg, Keir, PhD

Senior Associate, Geochemist

Dr. Soderberg is an expert in geochemistry and isotope hydrology. His more than 15 years of professional and research experience includes field and laboratory chemistry, forensic geochemistry, geochemical modeling, and the management of large datasets. As a post-doctoral researcher, he contributed to a long-term project in sub-Saharan Africa directed at understanding evapotranspiration dynamics in semi-arid lands through a novel combination of geochemistry and ecohydrology. At SSP&A, Dr. Soderberg supports and manages environmental remediation and litigation projects involving groundwater, surface water, and sediment, often in support of cost-allocation, expert reports and testimony. This work primarily involves the evaluation of geochemical and hydrological data sets including detailed review of sampling protocols, laboratory practices, and the history of chemical usage.