Larson, Steven

Executive Vice President, Senior Principal

Mr. Larson is a recognized authority on numerical simulation models and their application in the analysis of a variety of groundwater problems. He has developed such models for analyzing groundwater flow, mass- and heat-transport in groundwater systems, contaminant migration, recovery of petroleum products from groundwater, saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers, and thermal energy storage in aquifers. In addition, he has been in the forefront of combining these methods with linear programming techniques to optimize the development of groundwater supplies or remediation of contaminated groundwater. He has conducted training courses on the use of these models and provided technical support on their application to a variety of hydrologic conditions. Mr. Larson has authored and co-authored publications on the application of aquifer simulation models that are widely used by practicing hydrologists. He has served as an expert witness in numerous judicial forums regarding groundwater issues and the application of simulation models for demonstrating the fate of soil/groundwater contamination and the effect of remediation alternatives.

Principals and Associates