Papadopulos, Stavros S., PhD

Founder, Senior Principal

Dr. Papadopulos is an internationally recognized expert on the analysis of groundwater systems.  His areas of expertise include the evaluation of aquifer test data, the use of analytical and numerical models for interpreting groundwater flow and contamination problems and for resolving groundwater supply issues, assessment of groundwater flow and quality conditions at hazardous waste sites and identification of potential receptors, and the design of monitoring networks and of extraction well systems for groundwater remediation.  He has served on advisory panels offering technical opinion on complex groundwater issues and has provided expert testimony in court proceedings and/or administrative hearings. 

He has planned and directed research on groundwater systems and on the development of new methods for analyzing aquifer tests.  He is the author and co-author of publications on well hydraulics, aquifer test methodology, groundwater resource evaluations, and subsurface waste disposal.  For contributions to the fields of groundwater flow and contaminant transport, he was elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering in 2009.

Principals and Associates