SSP&A is Pleased to Announce the Following Promotions in 2018:

Aug 2018

Promoted to Associate for three SSP&A senior staff members:  

  • Gil Barth, PhD, Boulder Office– Gil has been with SSP&A for over 15 years, in addition to previous academic and consulting experience. Gil has steadily built his expertise in water resource modeling and has in recent years assumed the lead in water rights disputes.  Gil also recently assumed management responsibilities for the Boulder office.
  • Brad Bessinger, PhD, Portland Office – Brad has been with SSP&A for over 10 years, in addition to previous post-doctoral research and consulting experience. Brad has honed his expertise in quantitative geochemistry and he continues to publish in top journals and provide expert technical support for a multitude of projects.  
  • Keir Soderberg, PhD, Maryland Office – Keir has been with SSP&A for over 10 years, in addition to interspersed post-doctoral research. Keir has provided expert-level geochemical support at SSP&A, recently culminating in the opportunity to testify in the U.S. and at an international court. These opportunities have helped him build a resume to tackle high-stakes litigation and applied geochemistry in complex hydrogeologic environments. 

SSP&A's first Chief Hydrogeolgist, Mr. Chris Neville, Waterloo Office - In recognition of over 20 years of mentorship, education of peers and colleagues, and providing all staff of the company at all levels the benefit of his technical support and encyclopedic knowledge of all things hydrogeology, Chris Neville is awarded the title of Chief Hydrogeologist at SSP&A.