Workshops and Courses

Staff of SSP&A provide training in the appropriate application of programs in support of environmental and water resource studies, often in collaboration with other subject-area experts. Further information on planned training events can be found below.

Five Day Course: Model Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis

Rockville, Maryland - January 22-26, 2024

PEST 3D_1.png

This course will be led by John Doherty, author of PEST.

The course will cover important aspects of decision-support modelling – aspects that will often determine whether it is successful or not.

The focus is on getting information from data, and making sure that this information is delivered to decision-makers and stakeholders in ways that they understand. Fundamental to this are the concepts and practicalities of history-matching, uncertainty analysis and problem decomposition.

These will be discussed and demonstrated in a casual and friendly learning environment.

You will also learn how to use programs of the PEST and PEST++ suites.



Calibrate your model on the Microsoft Azure cloud using PEST_HP.

A version of PEST optimised for use in highly parallelized environments.

Cancellation Policy for Courses and Conferences

SSP&A attempts to keep course and conference fees as affordable as possible to encourage attendance from all walks of life, including academia and other groups with limited training budgets. As a result, course and conference fees do not include overhead costs to cover unexpected cancellations and the associated fees. The following policy is used to accommodate cancellations and associated fees in the absence of any mitigating circumstances. Please contact if your circumstances warrant further consideration.

  • $50 dollars to cover all payment processing fees prior to 8 weeks of the event
  • 15% deduction for cancellation prior to 28 days of the event
  • 50% deduction for cancellation prior to 14 days of the event
  • 100% deduction for cancellation within 7 days of the event