Hathaway, Deborah L.

Principal Emeritus

Ms. Hathaway has over 30 years of experience conducting and managing hydrologic investigations involving groundwater, water-supply development, water rights, irrigation hydrology, riparian and in-stream flow conditions, contaminant transport, and groundwater remediation, including providing technical support on these issues for litigation. Quantitative water resource evaluations have involved groundwater modeling, regional and basin-scale water budget analysis, modeling of conjunctive use, alternatives analysis, probabilistic analysis of surface-water supplies and evaluation of impairment issues; and, management of supporting field investigation, database and GIS development. Remedial investigation, design and construction projects have included evaluation of the source, extent, fate and transport, and potential receptors of environmental contamination; selection of remedial approach; design of soil and groundwater remedial systems; construction oversight; and performance evaluation during system operation.

Ms. Hathaway has worked with legal counsel, regulatory agencies, industry representatives, and other environmental consultants to frame and implement mutually acceptable and cost-effective solutions to water-resource, water rights, and environmental problems. Ms. Hathaway has provided expert testimony in surface water and groundwater issues, has led stakeholder workshops, and has provided public presentations on water resource and water supply matters. Ms. Hathaway joined SSP&A’s Maryland/DC office in 1988 and opened SSP&A’s Boulder, Colorado office in 1994.

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