Bessinger, Brad, PhD

Associate, Senior Geochemist

Dr. Bessinger is an Associate, Senior Geochemist and Manager of SSP&A's Portland Office. He has over 20 years of experience evaluating site geochemistry and the fate and transport of inorganic and organic contaminants in the environment. Dr. Bessinger is an expert in arsenic, trace metals, and isotopes, and in developing geochemical and reactive transport models to predict the long-term fate of these and other constituents in groundwater and sediment systems. His consulting practice includes forensic identification of contaminant and groundwater recharge sources, determining background geochemical conditions affecting contaminant mobility, demonstrating the effectiveness of monitored natural attenuation (MNA), designing and evaluating groundwater treatment and soil fixation remedies, and evaluating geochemical compatibility for managed aquifer recharge (MAR) projects. Dr. Bessinger is the author of numerous publications on contaminant geochemistry and geochemical modeling.