SSP&A Participation at MODFLOW and More 2013

Aug 2013

MODFLOW and More 2013, Golden, CO, June 2-5, 2013 

SSP&A was pleased to provide sponsorship for the 2013 Conference, and to be part of the Organizing Committee, provide members for the Scientific Advisory Committee, and a member for the Panel Discussion. In addition, SSP&A Personnel were asked to give Featured Presentations and Presentations, and participated in Poster Sessions, and new software demonstrations. 

  • Low Flow Modeling: Matthew Tonkin
  • Panel Discussion - Groundwater models in prime time: using predictions to manage resources: Charles Andrews
  • Enhancing MT3DMS for Simulating Solute Transport in a Coupled Groundwater - Surface Water System: Vivek Bedekar, Eric Morway, Cameron Tana, Chris Langevin, Tom Rooze, Matthew Tonkin
  • Stability and Accuracy of Implicit and Explicit Linear and Non-linear Schemes: Vivek Bedekar, T. Prabhakar Clement, Jose Vasconcelos
  • Not-so-Automatic User Intervention: Incorporating the GENIE Programming Library into PEST for Real-time Interaction on a Mobile Device: Chris Muffels, Douglas Hayes, James Rumbaugh, Matthew Tonkin
  • Handling Impermeable and Specified-head Boundaries in Kriged Water Table Maps using Supplemental Analytic Element Solutions: James R. Craig, Matthew Tonkin
  • Development of Groundwater Modeling Tools on Mobile Devices: James O. Rumbaugh, Chris Muffels, Matthew Tonkin
  • GroundWater Desktop - A Graphical User Interface for 3D Visualization of Groundwater Models: Marinko Karanovic


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